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Evaluate special Libraries

For various providers, Jet Messaging has generated special evaluation libraries which do not provide deserialization. The JMT Libraries correspond to the full XML schema definition, include embedded documentation and built-in validation, and they accurately represent complex sets of sequences, collections, extensions, and restrictions, all with full Intellisense support. These libraries are available for download following the Special Library Survey.

Travel Libraries

Finance Libraries

OpenTravel - IATA - HTNG - OTDS - ...

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ISO20022 messages - Payments - Securities - Trade Services - Cards - FX

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 Need a C# DLL from your bespoke XML schema set?

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Key Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Speed up development – Automate the generation of code related to the schema definition (that would otherwise be written, to one extent or another, manually) and thus saving the implementers time and money
  • Reduce Bugs – Implementers can now consume the definition seamlessly and immediately, improving the quality of their software application product
  • Make a better product – Embrace change and new business opportunities. Definers can now use the full power of the definitional language features in the certain knowledge that such definitions can be fully consumed by the business application development implementers
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Technical Benefits

  • Faster implementation of message related software components
  • Lower cost of implementing message related software components
  • Full conformance with the schema definition and thus low risk associated with non-conformance with the business definition
  • Less ad-hoc time-consuming meetings to ensure definitional conformance
  • Lower cost-of-ownership of message related software components over definitional changes
  • A strong-typed type landscape opens up new software architectural possibilities
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