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Jet Messaging Technologies AG is a software company based in Zurich, Switzerland.

We provide world-leading innovative software components and products for software developers involved with W3C XML schema standards. We bridge the gap between those who define a schema and those who consume it in order to develop appropriate applications – i.e. we produce software for software developers to make their life easier.


The Vision we are driven by

To bridge the gap between definers and developers, making the software development processes easier, more efficient and the output more reliable.

The Mission we work against

To automatically generate ready-to-use, strong typed libraries, that provide a full-fidelity type landscape of the source W3C compliant XML schema definition.

The Founders

  • Eric Lehmann
    Eric LehmannCEO

    As head of sales and business unit manager at Honeywell and ABB, Eric Lehmann was responsible for over 2 digit million in sales. In 2006, out of the industrial automation, he joined the software industry with SVOX AG in Zurich, where he was responsible until 2012 as CSO for the worldwide distribution. As a member of the executive management, he contributed significantly to the growth of the company and the successful sell of SVOX to the American software company Nuance Communications. Eric Lehmann is Dipl. El-Ing. ETH, with a postgraduate degree in business management.

  • Dr. David Harrison
    Dr. David HarrisonCTO

    Inventor and architect of the JMT Processor Suite is David Harrison. David Harrison worked in the financial sector as a senior developer, project manager and consultant for the Swiss Stock Exchange, UBS, Bank Pictet, the ING-BBL Bank and Swiss Re. The tourism industry is known well by David Harrison from joining Atraxis and HP. As author, David Harrison has become known for his contributions in the field of Test Automation. David Harrison is B.Sc. and Ph.D.

    • Volker Peter Jantzen
      Volker Peter JantzenCo-Founder

      Volker Jantzen is a successful software entrepreneur and founder of the companies Intelliact AG and SVOX AG in Zurich. The company SVOX AG, a leading supplier of software for voice navigation systems, was sold in 2011 in one of Switzerland’s largest IT deals with the American software company Nuance Communications. Since then Volker Jantzen is internationally engaged as investor in various growth-oriented software companies. Volker Jantzen has a degree in computer science from ETH Zürich and in business administration from Berufsakademie Mannheim.

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